primary purpose for delivering software on the Eagle Web is to ensure that the processes and products used to maintain and develop the software are specific to those processes, procedures, and product governance. Comply with all standards and requirements.

Our Quality Assurance Team
focuses on two main points

Either malicious or unintentional, we see that there are no exploitative risks.

When our software is implemented, it will serve the purpose of justifying our trust.


We determine how the actual testing process is done within our team. We review the documentation that we have implemented and followed. We then perform legal compliance audits, internal audits, and system audits.


We formally review any sample technical, identifying any defects or gaps, and then we discuss the software requirements, codes, or design in detail by a person or a group other than the author so that defects, developments Detect standards violations, and any others. Our inspections include planning, reviewing, inspection meetings, rework, and follow up.

Factors that we consider for SOFTWARE QUALITY

Flexibility and expansion

We develop software with the flexibility to expand or enhance its functionality without damaging the existing system. Because software development is inevitable and, as such, it is one of the most important features of quality software.


We make sure that we develop software response in an acceptable time, free of charge, and in most cases of failure, this software does not lose its availability. If the entire application crashes, the system will have the ability to recover itself using backup with a fault tolerance approach.


Our skilled team ensures that the software environment in the client environment maximizes efficiency while effectively utilizing it.

Maintenance and readability

We focus on acquiring a product that can be easily edited and supported with useful interface definitions, documentation, and self-document code or code documentation. The more accurate and valuable the documentation is, the more competent it can be.

Usage and availability

Maintaining factors such as simplicity, less time to complete a job, the ability to learn faster while developing and developing user interfaces..


Especially for web or mobile-based systems that can have millions of users with remote access to the system, safety should be considered a significant issue during development. It is essential in our process to make a security policy and to use it properly without leaving entry points.

Platform compatibility and portability

We make sure that according to the different platforms of our software, different OS platforms, browser types, etc. are included and adapt ourselves to these platforms.

Functionality and accuracy

Quality factors aren’t mean when we’re talking about passive software. So first, we test the functionality required to build the right software, then apply the standard elements to it.

Trial and acceptance

We test the source code to ensure we are with the most coverage and the most effective testing methods. To accomplish this, we use encapsulation, interface, pattern, low couple techniques.

Test strategy

As part of the test strategy, we create a high-level document that explains the approach to testing software. It is primarily derived from the BRD.

Test planning

Test planning is done by obtaining a test plan document from the SRS and is prepared by the test lead/manager, which contains all the details related to the test.

Test procedure

Test procedures are written from test cases and contain a detailed set of steps that need to be followed to implement the test scenario.

Test validation

This is the process of evaluating software during or after the development process to determine if it meets all the specific requirements.

Automation testing

Eagle Web testers write test scripts or use automated testing tools to perform automation testing, which shortens the testing time and increases production and software quality.

Security check

Security testing identifies the risks present in the system and measures its potential risks. Eagle Web
developers detect all possible security threats in the system and address these issues by writing a security code.

Usage Testing

The aim of usability testing is to identify practical problems with a design as soon as possible so that it can be fixed before the design is implemented. The Eagle Web does just that at the right time.

Core Test

We have the skills, expertise, and experience required in necessary testing, along with in-depth industry knowledge. Our testers guarantee the best quality, reliability, and smooth use when providing testing services.

Mobile Testing

Eagle Web mobile testing team ensures that all of our mobile applications are used on a variety of mobile devices and simulators for seamless user experience across all devices and resolutions.

Performance Testing

To ensures that software applications perform well under their required workload. The purpose of performance testing is to reduce performance bottlenecks, and Eagle Web has the expertise to do so.
Eagle Web provides scalable, robust, and high performing software, web, and mobile app development services to help you leverage the power of technology, make consulting, and maximize investment in your online business.

100% Transportation

At Eagle Web, we believe in complete transparency with our clients, and we keep them fully updated throughout development.

Timely delivery

The result of achieving our agile development methodology is that the enviable appropriate delivery track record has been achieved during our 15+ years of work.

24 x 7 support

Our channels are open 24/7 that connects you with the appropriate team of experts to ensure your project is implemented.