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Outsourcing is gaining in popularity as it is a very viable way of receiving high-quality IT products at a low cost. Many foreign companies have praised outsourcing as a great business development tool, and the most significant benefit is undoubtedly reducing the cost of premium products. We are leading the agency in outsourcing, which offers customized IT solutions to global companies around the world.

Why Choose Us For Outsourcing

  • Eagle Web outsourcing services guarantee several benefits for each client.
  • Highly creative and highly effective solution.
  • A variety of services provided;
  • A professional team of developers and IT professionals who can handle any task.
  • A policy of low prices without loss of product quality.
Survive your project by outsourcing it to us

How our outsourcing company works

  • 1. Get in touch

    You can contact our team or us or email us to understand the project requirements better

  • 2. Requirement analysis

    We analyze all specifications at the highest level, complete a pilot project (if needed) and deliver it to you for approval on work and pricing.

  • 3. Pricing and contracting

    We sign the contract, which explains the terms and conditions of cooperation, such as payment terms, rights, and obligations.

  • 4. Start of the project

    We choose the employees for your project, ensure knowledge transfer, and focus on establishing a remote process.

  • 5. Project reporting and support

    Our project manager will contact you via Skype for daily project reporting, and you can always contact us with any questions.

  • 6. Constant feedback

    We support the new employee in the first weeks and months of employment, and you both receive feedback.


Eagle Web is one of the trusted outsourced companies that has already undertaken projects in software and web application development for many years. We use the latest versions of web development based on Drupal CMS, Node JS, and Angular JS etc so you can be confident of getting the most up-to-date IT solutions that support us. Our staff guarantees round-the-clock support for each of our users so that all issued requirements can be fully and within the shortest time possible.