Improving Existing Websites to Strengthen Your Online Presence

As your business grows, so will your range of products and services.

Websites require updates in line with changing times, practices, methodologies and strategies.
Eagle Web can review your requirements, aims and objectives and alter your site – strengthening your sales and marketing message and bringing your business image and perception up to date.

Placing you in Control of your Web pages

Eagle Web Content Management Systems give you easy access to your web pages, so that you may update the information your visitors want to receive to inform their purchasing decisions.

You′ll receive the tools and training required to produce customer orientated products such as newsletters, blogs, tips and catalogs.

Easy Online Purchasing Capabilities

Make it easier for your prospects and customers to purchase your products and services, as and when they want them:

Secure online trading – e-commerce systems providing speed, security and efficiency. Suitable for large and smaller businesses.

Collecting Visitor′s Information to build your Business Network.

Developing a Database driven Web Solution for your business means you can capture visitor information:
Turning visitors (prospects) into potential customers. Measuring and understanding the cost effectiveness of your website.  Web technology improves at rapid rate.

Give your business that cutting edge by providing audience access to the information and resources they′re searching for, via your website.

Attracting Qualified Visitors, actively searching for your Services

The internet is a rich source of information. People use search engines and type in key words to recognize the types of products and services they feel can provide the best solutions for them.

Eagle Web Solutions use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that search engines can find your services.


Your target audience key in words directly related to your business.

Your page copy and content matches specific keywords and phrases your customers use to find you – instead of using words you use to define your services.

Eagle Web works with you so that you understand what your customers are looking to purchase – so that their keywords match the services you offer.